Harvesteri juhtplaat 64cm/.404"/2,0mm JetFit RSN Vaata suuremalt

Harvesteri juhtplaat 64cm/.404"/2,0mm JetFit RSN


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P.404" pitch, .080" gauge, bar lengths: 54-100cm, recommended chain: 18HX ,recommended user: mechanical harvester - not for handheld use.

The new Harvester Replaceable Sprocket Nose (RSN) bars from OREGON® have motor-mount configurations to fit the most popular applications.

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Juhtplaadi pikkus 64 cm
Samm .404"
Soone paksus 2,0 mm

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LUBRIDAM™: An oil-retention feature that reduces the amount of oil lost by running out of the bar tail. And, Lubridam™ improves lubrication for reduced bar and chain wear by forcing the chain drive links and oil to have greater contact

The new Harvester Replaceable Sprocket Nose (RSN) bars from OREGON® have motor-mount configurations to fit the most popular applications and deliver superior performance in high-speed conditions common to mechanical harvesting. The RSN maximizes bar life because felling accidents and nose failures no longer mean incurring the expense of replacing the entire bar.


RSN Harvester Bars

Feautures of RSN bars:

Solid bar body made from high-grade, alloy-steel material

Rigid and durable in design while simple to replace

Large diameter rivets to reduce the risk of rail spreading at the nose

FUSEZONE™: By varying the induction hardening process in different zones of the bar rails, rail damage and cracking is minimized while allowing the bar to be straightened and re-used after being bent in an operating accident.