Juhtplaat 14"/ 3/8" /1,1mm DOUBLE GUARD


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Juhtplaadi pikkus 14" - 35cm
Samm 3/8"
Soone paksus 1,1 mm
Sobivus Hobby

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It takes less power from the saw to make the same length of cut with a narrow-kerf bar/chain cutting system than with a standard bar and chain. Micro-Lite™ is the bar for occasional woodcutters who want the advantages of a narrow-kerf cutting system.



Small-radius nose helps reduce kickback energies

Slim symmetrical contour is light in weight, maneuverable, and reversible for long life 

laminated body

non-replaceable nose sprocket

3/8" pitch (90SG)

small MLE P/Ns

Recommended saw sizes: Electric or saw 2.4 cu. in (40cc) and smaller

Available lengths: 10"-16" (25-41cn)



 Counterpart of bars:

MAKITA: 442035611

DOLMAR: 412035611