Muruniiduki tera 50,2cm universaalne One for All - sirge tera


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Universaalne külgväljaviske tera. Sobib kõikidele niidukitele.

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Tera pikkus 50,2cm
Multsimis funktsioon või kottiviskav ei
Muruniiduki mark Universaalne

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Universaalne niiduki tera One for All:

     + Sobib tuhandetele erinevatele niidukitele
     + Keskmise augu diameeter 10.0mm, 12.7mm, 14.0 mm, 16.0mm, 18.0 mm, 19.5 mm, 21.0 mm, 25.4 mm
     + Külgväljaviske tera
     + Oregoni kvaliteet



Kuidas valida õige tera:


     1) Measure the diameter of the central mounting hole in old knife.
     2) Measure the length of the old diagonal cutter.

     3) Select the blade according to your needs.
     4) Measure the distance between the side mounting holes:
            - Straight blade - mower without rear basket
            - Profile blade – ejection of grass to the rear basket
            - Mulching, straight blade - repeatedly grinding mowed grass
            - Mulching, profile blade - repeatedly grinding mowed grass with discharge to the rear basket
     5) Based on the above information Find the proper blade All-For-One for your lawnmower.


Blades Oregon One for All - product description


Universal cutting blade Oregon One for All is an innovative and extremely practical solution to quickly match the right blade for most lawnmowers and electric mowers. You do not need to visit dozens of shops and workshops, to find the proper blade. You need only to order a universal blade for the mower Oregon One for All. Each which has a large central mounting hole with a universal profile and rectangular side openings with rounded edges that easily fit into the hubs of different spacing of the side tabs. Adjusting the size of the internal bore to the diameter of the cutting blade of the propeller requires only one of several connectors reduction in the package (10.0mm, 12.7mm, 16.0mm, 18.0 mm). In addition to reducing fittings manufacturer joined two robust mounting pad under the screw. Blade central hole (without connectors) fit for use "MTD".

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