Siduri trummel Husqvarna 455


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18,00 € sh. KM

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Hammaste arv 7
Trummli sügavus 13,03 mm
Trummli läbimõõt 68,84 mm
Väntvõlli augu läbimõõt 15,90 mm
Augu pikkus 15,01 mm

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The Power Mate® Rim Sprocket System is the most effective way to drive saw chain on most chain saws. These systems fit .325”-pitch, standard 3/8”-pitch, and .404”-pitch chains.


The Power Mate® Rim Sprocket System includes a clutch cup with spline and a replaceable rim sprocket

The rim floats freely on the spline, maximizing the saw chain–bar groove alignment 

The rim is designed to be replaced, maximizing operational life and reducing overall operational costs