Trimmeri jõhv 1,6MMX15M Duoline Plus


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Trimmeri jõhv 1,6MMX15M Duoline Plus

Low noise OREGON Duoline trimmer line for brushcutters and trimmers  with a durable core preventing breakages. For users who appreciate silent, high quality and durability.

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4,30 € sh. KM

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Pikkus 15m
Läbimõõt 1,6mm
Sobivus bushes, weeds
Rihma laius round
Pakend loop

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Zastosowanie żyłki Oregon Duoline Plus
żyłka odporna na złamania
żyłka odporna na topnienie i sklejanie
żyłka o niskim poziomie emisji hałasu
  Increased resistance for breaking   the highest resistance for melting   low noise level  
Application: lawns, tall grass, middle and tall weeds, small scrubs, meadows
Klasa wytrzymałości 4/5


OREGON® Duoline Plus trimmer line for brushcutters and trimmers with its unique contoured surface is characterized by low noise level, working quietly to 15 dB compared with round nylon lines. In addition, less air resistance reduces vibration and engine load, which makes mowing faster and more efficient. 

Duoline Plus Cutting line has a hard coating with excellent resistance to abrasion and increasing core strength synthetic line breaking. It is made from materials that increase resistance to melting line in hot during the cutting head. Working with Duoline Plus, you will feel what a comfort mowing without constantly breaking or fraying line.


OREGON Duoline Plus trimmer line stands out of other brands products:

    + Low noise during operation.

     + The optimal density distribution along the diameter.

     + Harder coating with excellent resistance to abrasion. 

     + High durability.

     + High resistance to welding.

     + Durable core with a high resistance for tearing.

   + Mowing conditions increase the risk of breaking the line



The use of  OREGON Duoline Plus:

      + Regular mowing the backyard lawn.

      + Mowing the lawn with a medium level of weed infestation.

      + Irregular mowing tall grass and medium-sized bushes.

      + Mowing at high operating temperatures


Available packaging of OREGON Duoline Plus:

      Żyłka do kos Oregon Duoline Plus - zwitek

OREGON Duoline Plus is available in versions with diameter 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm.