Trimmeri jõhv 1,6MMX15M NYLIUM STARLINE


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Trimmeri jõhv 1,6MMX15M täht (alumiinium)

OREGON Nylium Starline is the only market cutting line particles of reinforced aluminum. For mowing grass, weeds and wild bushes.


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Pikkus 15m
Läbimõõt 1,6mm
Sobivus bushes, weeds
Rihma laius star
Pakend loop

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  high resistance for breaking   the highest resistance for melting  
Application: lawns, tall grass, middle and tall weeds, wild bushes
Klasa wytrzymałości 4/5


OREGON® Nylium Starline is the only one cutting line on the market made of reinforced material particles of aluminum. The unique combination of copolymers and aluminum gives it a high resistance to abrasion, breaking the mesh and the melting and sticking in the trimmer head. Its star profile ensures fast, smooth and professional mowing always sharp edge line, while reducing engine vibration.
Trimmer lines with star profile  thanks to sharp edges characterized by a more aggressive mowing compared with round lines, is not recommended for mowing young and poorly rooted lawns.

OREGON Nylium Starline is recommended for home and professional use. Wherever you need a strong and efficient cutting line. In particular, mowing wild scrub and / or in wet areas where plant growth is more intense, and their stems stronger.


OREGON Nylium Starline stands our from other brands products:

     + Exceptional strength gained through aluminum particles. 
     + Very high resistance to breaking the eyelet.
     +  Increased resistance to fraying and wear. 
     + A high melting point to prevent it from sticking.
     + A quicker, smooth and exact mowing which provides Star profile. 


The use of cutting line OREGON Nylium Starline:

     + Mowing lawns of medium and high level of infestation. 
     + Mowing tall grass and medium-sized bushes.
     + Mowing plants with hard stems
     + Mowing conditions increase the risk of breaking the line.
     + Mowing at high operating temperatures


Packaging of  OREGON Nylium Starline:

OREGON® Nylium Starline is available also in version with diameter: 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm, 2,7 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.3 mm.